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If you haven’t heard of Priya Anjali Rai, then let me tell you, you’re about to be in for a real treat. This exotic beauty is absolutely stunning in every way possible. Her skin is the most beautiful brown tone almost like dark caramel. Her hair is long, silky and black. It falls just long enough to brush against her perfect breasts. Huge dark brown nipples that seem to always stay fully erect. She has a tiny waist and legs that seem to go on for days. Her ass is round and as firm as the rest of her physically fit body.

Right now viewers can take advantage of this 15% off savings with this Priya Anjali Rai discount, and see what I’m talking about. She’s sure to have you rock hard from first glance. When it comes to getting off, the action depends upon her mood. There are times she just wants to do it herself. Self-love is a very important aspect of life. When she invites a partner to join in the fun, she doesn’t choose based on gender, but rather who can get her pussy wet.

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Pussy hair can be a pretty divisive topic. Most of the time, guys either love it or hate it, with no room for anything other than all or nothing. I’m the odd man out because I can go either way.

I had a girlfriend that didn’t shave in colder months. I didn’t care for the stubbly grow out time period, but once the hair was there, I loved it. I loved lying in bed with her at night and petting her pussy hair and then slipping my fingers into her pussy and feeling my hand being tickled.

Then the weather would warm up and she’d shave it all off. She would go completely smooth so that she was ready for bikini season. Petting her pussy after the months of being covered in soft hair was thrilling. Everything was soft, silky, and smooth. She smelled like perfume as I’d go down on her and rub my face and tongue over every bare bit. I miss that.

I’ve been visiting hairy and smooth sites a lot lately and am really into ALS Scan at the moment. It stands for All Ladies Shaved and their pussies are truly beautiful.

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