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When I say Asian porn and let’s say Asha Kumara comes to mind then I wouldn’t blame you since she is Indian and therefore certainly Asian. But you may as well have thought of let’s say Asa Akira and you would have been correct too. Is saying ‘Oriental’ a term that it is taboo, is it racially sensitive, you know like saying ‘nigger’ purely as example, and I just missed the memo? Forgive me, where I am from we hardly have any people from East Asia so I am not all that educated on these matters.

The girl in picture is from East Asia though, very far east, in fact she is Japanese and since JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video you should expect that all of the girls featured on this site are Japanese.

Now, riddle me this: Why do these East Asian girls always moan like squeaky toys in cartoons when they get fucked. If I imagine her to be my girlfriend I would probably find it cute the first few times but I have a feeling I might stick a sock in it after a while.

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